Everything is a Problem

For quite some time now my friends and I have been saying “everything is a problem”. It’s kind of like our catch phrase or slogan. Why? Because we usually (and typically) encounter a problem with just about everything we do. From minor choices to important tasks, I experience issues on a daily basis and I’m not really for sure why.

Recently, I considered taking count of these issues. I would not add any weight to the problems, I would simply count how many disagreements, issues, or troublesome events I encounter on a daily basis. Car trouble? 1 point. Disagreement? 1 point. People standing still while an automatic door waits for someone to make a move and no one will take initiative to walk forward as humans naturally do ? 1 point. And yes, that did in fact happen.

I didn’t really have the ambition to do this just yet, as I was still kind of contemplating the whole topic overall. I was also partially nervous to find out how many problems happen to me on a daily basis. This subject did get me thinking though. Why do I have so many problems each day? Why can’t things go off without a hitch? And why am I asking so many questions in this blog? Well, another question I had, was how many problems on average do people encounter each day. I had assumed it would be around 20. I think this is about how many I have on a normal day, and that’s reasonable, I think.

The answer, which surprised me, is a measly 9. I learned this in one of my first classes this semester, Conflict and Communication (take a stab at why I chose to take that course). Surprisingly, within this class, one of the assignments is to log each time we encounter conflict in our lives. Here is my opportunity to commit to my problem log, it has presented itself! I’ve already been considering doing this very thing, and now I have a purpose to do so.

After leaving the class, I began to consider the topic again. How long would it take to encounter the next issue? What would it be? Why are there more questions in this blog? Well, I got my answer fairly quickly. Upon arrival at Dierberg’s, just 35 minutes after leaving class, and despite having done this very thing several times, the woman at the deli wouldn’t let me chose chicken bites as a side dish.


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